Tuesday, 29 October 2013

K Video – Why Profession Video Deposition Matters

Visuals have that capacity to register faster in the human brain than text or any other stimulation and there are many different occasions that would call for a video production, say a wedding, a birthday, an event launch or even a court deposition. The widely admitted truth today is that movies, DVD’s and YouTube has made us a visual demanding and consuming society. While amateur camcorder videos might have the capability to go viral on YouTube or vimeo, there are occasions that necessitates more than amateur videos skills like in the case of a court deposition, where it could mean life or death.

With the advent of latest file sharing platforms on the internet, it has become even more convenient to shoot and to deposit video files for later retrieval and viewing. Moreover, attorneys across state can connect to witnesses through video conferencing, which make the role of a professional video service vital in making your deposition video. With the kind of deposition video services available now, businesses as well as individuals can make use of the technology to cut down their travel, when making a deposition.

Technology has made it easier than ever to allow attorneys and witnesses in widespread locations to take part in depositions without traveling and also get over the need for such business interruptions though a poorly recorded deposition video has equal chance of misguiding the jury as much as an overtly “produced” deposition video. Unless your deposition video tape captures the nonverbal expressions that are so much a part of true communication, like a witness’s smile or frown, grimaces or nervous twitching, which can assist in evaluating a witness’s demeanor and believability, it would be an incomplete presentation. 

In some professionally made deposition videos, what is caught on camera can sometimes totally change the interpretation of what is being said. Then, as the success or the failure of a trial might hinge on the testimony of one of your video deponents, can you afford to take the risk? There are reputed and experienced (with almost 40 years) video production houses in Arizona, who have also built alliances with some of the top certified court reporters who can help you schedule the right local reporter for your deposition.

In addition to video deposition services, the video production houses also can be made use of in preparing legal edits, video to text synchronization, audio services, inspections, IME's, etc and there are internet savvy directors who can work with LiveNote, Skype, teleconferencing and videoconferencing in prisons, homes, shops and doctor's offices. If you are in Arizona, and are in need of a videographer, search for one who adheres to the standards set forth by CLVS, including providing backups of all video produced, using 3-chip digital cameras with time/date, providing lavaliere microphones to all participating parties, using professional backdrops and lighting and recording audio for the court reporter's use.


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